Case Study

Digital Transformation readiness

The successful implementation of a new core banking platform required the development of several hundred new processes for bank staff as well as customers to follow. We worked with the client organisation to identify and train staff in Lean techniques, leading to the development of an internal capability to support and embed the digital transformation.


Bank South Pacific is a leading financial services provider in the South Pacific region, spanning several countries and a very distributed geography. In 2019, BSP commenced the transition to a new core banking platform which required a redesign of several customer driven processes as well as support processes.


The successful implementation of the new core banking platform required the development of several hundred new processes for bank staff as well as customers to follow. These processes would then be absorbed into the design of the new technology platform and integrated into the training delivery facilitated by the program. We worked with program leadership and the executive team to design an approach which would meet the following objectives –

  • Empower staff to identify opportunities and simplify existing processes.
  • Train internal BSP staff in process development techniques.
  • Introduce Lean thinking to the organisation and create the basis for a culture of continuous improvement

Project Approach

BSP engaged the S3 Consult team to provide training and coaching services to meet the organisation’s objectives. We proposed the following approach:

  1. Conduct a half day Lean overview and awareness session for 16 - 25 leaders and staff. This session provided an overview of Lean and an introduction to the impact of transformation projects on business processes. Importantly, the training session set the stage for detailed process standardisation and mapping training which followed.
  2. Conduct a two day hands on training session for 12 BSP Business Analysts (BAs) to cover the following topics -

    • Introduction to process standardisation
    • Process standardisation tools and techniques
    • Process improvement
    • Assessment and certification of the learned techniques and their applications.

Project Outcome

The project achieved the following outcomes –

  • Lean introduction training delivered for 20 staff within BSP.
  • 12 BSP Business Analysts trained and certified in process development, standardisation and improvement techniques.
  • Increased velocity of development of new processes for banking platform business readiness.

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