Case Study

Lean and Agile deployment

Our coaches worked with the ICT division within a large public sector organisation to introduce, train and embed Lean and Agile techniques. The project led to a visible organisational capability shift, empowering leaders and staff to manage the operation more effectively.


The Office of State Revenue (OSR) is a division of Queensland Treasury which provides a range of taxation, grants and other services for Queensland Government. The Enterprise Services Division (ESD) provided ICT support for key systems supporting OSR business processes. The imminent delivery of a transformation project created a need for increased collaboration, simplified processes and a new way of working within the ESD team.


OSR engaged S3 Consult to implement Lean and Agile practices across the ESD organisation. Specifically, OSR awarded contracts to the S3 Consult team to –

  • Evaluate the current state of processes and practices across ESD and recommend an implementation plan
  • Provide training on Lean tools and Agile practices to all teams within ESD (35 staff)
  • Coach the mentor the teams to sustain improvements in work practices and processes

Project Approach

The S3 Consult team worked with the ESD leadership team to identify the target processes for Lean based improvement and Agile practices for implementation across the teams. We worked collaboratively with ESD staff to map current processes, identify opportunities for improvement and develop future state. Our coaches worked with each team to setup visual management, including Kanban walls for the leadership teams and coached teams through daily and weekly ceremonies.

The S3 Consult team provided a series of Lean and Agile training sessions for all staff across ESD as well as staff from other divisions within OSR, increasing awareness in the organisation and creating the appetite for a new way of working. In depth training on Lean problem solving methods, including root cause analysis and Agile project management was provided to specified team members, enabling the sustainability of the benefits obtained.

Project Outcome

The project has achieved the following outcomes to date –

  • Redesigned, fit-for-purpose processes and procedures to enable the efficient and effective delivery of ESD services.
  • Increased visibility to upcoming activity, Work in Progress across the ESD teams.
  • Awareness of Lean and Agile in other parts of the OSR organisation, leading to adoption of work practices by osmosis.

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