Case Study

Healthcare supply chain transformation

Working alongside the business leadership team of one of Australia’s largest healthcare supply chains, we assisted with several process transformations in readiness for the deployment of a new ERP system – SAP S/4HANA. The program enabled the organisation to define business processes, identify risks and build alignment for a complex deployment.


Health Support Queensland (HSQ) is a division within the Queensland Government Department of Health providing supply chain services to the entire network of hospitals, clinics and health centres within the Queensland Health system. Commencing in 2018, the division undertook a series of initiatives to improve services and operational efficiencies, underpinned by a digital transformation. The migration to a contemporary ERP system would enable a range of improvements across the end-to-end supply chain.


HSQ engaged the S3 Consult team to assist the business readiness for the digital transformation. Specifically, the setup of a Program Management Office (PMO), development of key business processes, risk analysis and identification of a series of business readiness activities for a successful Go Live.

Project Approach

As the HSQ leadership team commenced the change journey enabled by the implementation of new technology, we coached the organisation through following approach:

  1. Assessment of the business readiness for a procurement and supply chain digital transformation
  2. Implementation risk analysis for the supply chain operations
  3. Setup of a business readiness program with clearly defined initiatives and work streams to mitigate risks and realise benefits
  4. Development of key business processes (on-system and off-system)
  5. Delivery of process readiness workshops to statewide stakeholders
  6. Business readiness training activities for purchasing, warehousing, inventory management and sales & distribution

Project Outcome

The project achieved the following outcomes -

  • Successful identification of highest risk business processes and allocation of resources for risk mitigation.
  • Development of on-system and off-system processes to enable HSQ to continue support for the Health supply chain network.
  • Handover of readiness activities and business processes to BAU teams ahead of transformation Go Live.

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